JDX Series
    Publish time 2019-08-24 22:54    

Ø  Dust, oil proof and colorful touch switch control panel.

Ø  Large volume of commonly used function-related software and user-friendly interface between human and machine .

Ø  The Split screen technology makes the display clear and concise, relying on the marking of various procedures, it

Ø  Can easily accommodate new process or delete process, and check the authenticity of the process.

Ø  Shut-down device with 100 presets mold data memory.

Ø  Equipped with 4 stages injection, 3 stages holding pressure and 3 stages back pressure.

Ø  PID barrel temperature control: temperature abnormal & electrical wire disconnection alarm.

Ø  The comprehensive structure optimization of the injection machine ensures the precision and stability.

Ø  Energy saving, high efficiency and low noise in regards to the optimization of the servo system, it redefines more superior configuration, accembled with renowned specialized motor, imported high-pressure gear pump and inovance servo driving device, the third generation servo system can realize low noise, strong power and fast response.

Ø  Screw cold start protection.

Ø  Abnormal shot detection.

Ø  Output quantity and packaging quantity preset.

Ø  Clamping, injection and ejection (option), and carriage action (option) by linear potentiometer.

Ø  Security code function to avoid missing data or careless changing.

Super low pressure clamping ensures security of user, and maintains lifespan of machine efficiently.